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Fruit In Hand for Foodservice

Our ability to preserve the fresh taste of summer extends to our restaurant partners. Learn more about our high-quality, affordable, and honest fruit product for foodservice menus.

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Fruit For Brewing

Brewmaster, meet your Fruitmaster! Oregon Fruit Products is a family-owned provider of 100% Real Fruit Purees from the Willamette Valley of Oregon. Our fruit and berry purees infuse beer, mead, and cider with the delicious taste of the Northwest. We carefully select quality fruits for our aseptic pack, providing predictable results year-round.

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Fruit For Export

Oregon Fruit Products proudly sells Specialty Fruit™ canned fruit, Berry Up!® frozen pourable fruit, and Specialty Fruit™ aseptic puree to 15 countries worldwide. For more information on international sales and distribution, call +1-503-485-9019 or email us at

Ingredients Sales

We invite you to try our Northwest’s fruit and berry purees in your manufactured food products. Our growing list of specialty fruit purees is available for your perusal and our research and development consultants are ready to help you best use our fruit. Call 800-547-9153 or email for more information.