Purple Plums

Whole Plums in Heavy Syrup

Our Purple Plums are grown in the abundant orchards of the Northwest. These deep purple, jewel-like globes offer a balanced sweet and tart flavor with fleshy fruit that is superb for baking rustic tarts and cakes. But for a real treat, use them in delicious plum chutney to pair with chicken or spareribs.

Plums, Water, Cane Sugar
All-Natural, Non-GMO, Non-BPA Lining Cans, No High Fructose Corn Syrup, Kosher
Plums may have been one of the earliest fruits cultivated by humans. The main species of plums are found only around human settlements, not in the wilderness. European plum species were brought to the United States by English settlers and Spanish missionaries and spread throughout the country. Many Native American plums are also edible, but none are as sweet, fleshy and delicious as the Italian variety used in commercial production.
Versatile plums are found all over the world, with commercial production focused in China, Eastern Europe, and the Western United States.
Mild winters, minimal rainfall during the growing season and low humidity are the favorite climate of the plum tree.
Purple plums ripen during the end of the summer, early autumn.
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