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February 7-10, 2017
Cider Con 2017

Chicago, IL

March 12-15, 2017

New Orleans, LA

April 10-13, 2017
Craft Brewing Conference

Washington DC

May 20-23, 2017
National Restaurant Assosiation Show

Chicago, IL

June 2017
Fruit Beer Festival

Portland, OR

June-September 2017
Cider Summit

Portland, OR and Seattle, WA

August 28-30, 2017
Produce Marketing Association

Monterrey, CA


Oregon Fruit Products Expands Citrus Offerings with Tangerine Fruit for Fermentation
Oregon Fruit Products Acquires New Facility
Oregon Fruit Products Releases Pomegranate Fruit for Fermentation Limited Edition Puree
Oregon Fruit Products Unveils Soursop/Tangerine Puree; First Blended Puree in Fruit for Fermentation Line
Oregon Fruit Products Adds Two New Tropical Flavors to its Award-Winning Fruit In Hand Product Line for Food Service
Pink Guava Puree Now Available from Oregon Fruit Products’ Fruit for Fermentation Line
Oregon Fruit Products Launches Gooseberry Puree, Broadening Limited-Release Fruit for Fermentation Offerings
During National Cherry Month, Make a Whole Meal with Oregon Fruit Products Cherries
Oregon Fruit Products Updates Labels to Reflect Ongoing Commitment to Quality and Healthy Lifestyle Choices
Oregon Fruit Products Receives Innovation Award from Charley’s Grilled Subs
Oregon Fruit Products Taps Into Hot Foodservice Trend with Blood Orange Fruit In Hand
Oregon Fruit Products Launches Limited-Release Program for Fruit for Brewing Purees
New Blood Orange Puree by Oregon Fruit Products Brings Creative Options for Craft Brewers
Oregon Fruit Products Wins Dot 2015 Quality and Service Award
Oregon Fruit Products Launching Two New Products at Expo West 2016
Oregon Fruit Products Releases New Kiwi Fruit In Hand
New Blood Orange Puree by Oregon Fruit Products Brings Creative Options for Craft Brewers
Oregon Fruit Products Creates New Grapefruit Puree for Craft Brewing
Oregon Fruit Products Releases Pourable Fruit
Oregon Fruit Products Receives 2015 FABI Award


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11/30/15 Supermarket Guru - Pourable Fruit a ‘Hit’ with the Supermarket Guru!

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9/25/2015 Statesman Journal video: "Oregon Fruit Products fruit puree for brewers"
9/1/2015 Grocery Headquarters "With across the board improvements in quality, ingredients, variety and taste, it is the dawn of a new epoch for the frozen food aisle."
8/31/2015 Craft Brewing Business "How do you get that grapefruit flavor in beer? Oregon Fruit Products offers a puree"
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5/29/2015 Statesman Journal "Rep. Schrader stumps for trade in Salem"
5/14/2015 Food & Beverage Magazine "Oregon Fruit Products Receives 2015 FABI Award"
5/10/2015 Statesman Journal "Let's talk timber, Mr. President"
5/8/2015 Portland Business Journal "Up close and personal with the Prez: Scenes from Obama's Nike visit"
10/1/14 Country Living Magazine “Oregon Specialty Fruit is One of ‘9 Country Essentials’"
9/1/14 Urban Bliss Life “Urban Bliss Life Visits Oregon Fruit Products During Harvest”


Source: Oregon Jobs Through Trade

August 2015

Oregon Jobs Through Trade released a new web-only video today showing the importance of trade for Oregon Fruit Products. The company is headquartered in Salem and ships their many products around the world.

In the video, Congressman Kurt Schrader (D-Oregon) voices how trade is good for Oregon. “I think there’s a great opportunity for us to sell product made in America, overseas. And we’re seeing it right here,” Schrader said.

Oregon Fruit Products CEO Chris Sarles discusses what trade means for their business and for the state. “I look at trade as equaling jobs for us. As we have the ability to have access to markets, that allows us to produce more product. As we produce more product, that allows us to add jobs,” said Sarles. “Trade equals a healthy, vibrant, Oregon economy.”

Over 6,000 Oregon businesses sell goods overseas. Nearly 90% of these are small and medium sized businesses. (Source)

Also appearing in the video is Patti Law, General Manager of Oregon Fruit Products, who said, “Trade equals being able to share the great Oregon products we have with the rest of the world.” Law built her 36 year career at Oregon Fruit Products.

Oregon Jobs Through Trade is a coalition shining a light on how trade directly leads to more jobs and more livable communities. Oregon companies that research, design and develop products in Oregon that are sold around the world directly or indirectly support hundreds of thousands of jobs.

To learn more about how trade benefits Oregon, visit

Classic Tutorial from Oregon Fruit Products

A simple tutorial for making cherry pie.