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The Questions You Ask The Most

After 80 years in this fruit business, we have answered a bunch of consumer phone calls. Check here to see if we can answer your burning questions. But, if we don’t, call our Consumer Hotline at 800-394-9333 or email us

  • Where can I find the recipes formerly on the back of your Oregon Specialty Fruit can labels?
    Because so many of us are using the internet for recipe searching, we wanted to put our recipes on the web site where we can gather our great ideas in one place. We hope you will come back and browse every time you need a great new fruit inspiration. Browse our expanding collection of recipes and search for those titled as “Back of the Label” recipes.

  • What happened to your Berry Combo blend in the canned fruit aisle?
    With our recent label redesign, our Berry Combo took on a new identity! The blend’s new name is Mixed Berry, but is still a delicious combination of blackberries, blueberries, boysenberries and strawberries.

  • What happened to my favorite Bing Cherries?
    We renamed our Bing Cherries to Dark Sweet Cherries because many varieties of Dark Sweet cherries deserve to debut in our Oregon Specialty Product cans!

  • What happened to Kadota Figs?
    Unfortunately, we discontinued our canned Kadota Figs as not enough of our loyal customers were buying them to make it viable for us. We are just as sad as you to say goodbye.

  • Why did I find a pit in Oregon Specialty Fruit pitted cherries?
    We are so sorry you found a pit in your can of Oregon Specialty Fruit! Our cherries are machine-pitted with carefully and continually adjusted equipment and thoughtfully sorted by well-trained inspectors. Unfortunately, it is still possible for a cherry to sneak by with a pit or pit fragment. We promise we care very much and work very hard to avoid pits even though Grade A standards allow an occasional pit.

  • How many cans of Oregon Specialty Fruit does it take to make a pie?
    Depending on how you like your pie to be filled, we feel two 14.5/15 oz cans of Oregon Specialty Fruit make a lovely pie, but three cans will really pack a punch! It just depends on whom you are trying to impress. Look for our double can of Red Tart Cherries (29 oz.) in many retailers – with enough cherries in one can to make a pie.

  • Are your Oregon Specialty Fruit products Gluten Free?
    We are pleased to say that our facility does not use any gluten containing ingredients in the processing or packaging of any of our fruit products.

  • Where can I find my favorite Oregon Specialty Fruit product? Can I buy directly from you?
    There are so many ways to get your much loved Oregon Specialty Fruit! First, we suggest you use our product search feature on this website to find local stores carrying Oregon Specialty Fruit. If they do not carry the variety you want, ask the local store manager to special order your favorite product. Our Oregon Specialty Fruit is also available for purchase on the Marketplace in full case (8 cans) quantities. Connect directly here. Finally, you may also order direct from our office by calling 1-800-394-9333. The minimum order is one case (8 cans) plus shipping, but for your convenience, we will FED EX right to your door. Don’t ever go without your favorite Oregon Specialty Fruit variety.

  • Do you have any organic products?
    We are proud to be a certified Organic processor, but do not currently have any organic products in distribution.

  • Are your products Kosher?
    We are Kosher certified through Orthodox Union for all of our products except any caneberry products (Blackberries, Raspberries and Boysenberries) and Red Tart Cherries. The whole caneberries cannot be certified Kosher by Orthodox Union even though they are processed similarly to our other whole fruits.

  • Do you use corn syrup?
    No, we use pure cane sugar to add a touch of sweetness to our natural fruits.

  • Do you use dyes or food coloring?
    We never add dye or food coloring to our canned products. Their brilliant color is just as Nature made them.

  • Are your products allergen free?
    Oregon Fruit Products LLC does not use any of the eight major allergens (milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, soy and wheat) or common sensitizing agents (gluten, sesame and sesame products, sulfites, mustard and mustard products, celery and celery products, azo dyes, carmine) in any of our products or in our processing areas.

  • How long is your product good after best use date?
    The normal shelf life for most canned products stored in a cool dry place is two years. For a few products, the shelf life may be as long as three years. The shelf life of our products is established by careful study to ensure the best taste and appearance of our fruit. After the Best Use By date, color and flavor may degrade and the fruit may develop a metallic taste. It is up to the consumer to check the condition of the can, look at the fruit appearance and check for any “off” aroma before deciding to eat the product.

  • Should I eat the fruit if the can is dented or damaged?
    Our recommendation is that you never buy any canned goods from the grocery store that have been dented or damaged. If you drop or damage a can bringing it home or after storing it in the pantry, you should open the can and check for any “off” aroma before deciding to eat the product. If you are not sure when the can was damaged, err on the safe side and dispose of the canned goods.