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Prickly Pear Puree

Oregon Fruit Prickly Pear Puree is made from the Ruby Red variety and brings a bright shock of vibrant magenta color. It's refreshing, with a nose of high desert springtime flowers. On the palate, light acidity with a slightly vegetal underpinning. It's tangy and sweet with notes of star fruit, cactus, florals, strawberry and kiwi. 

Try Prickly Pear in opulent Smoothie or milkshake style beers, tart goses and sours, or refreshing blonds and wheat styles. Whatever you create, this puree will make it pop. 

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Real Fruit, Year Round

Whether you’re developing recipes for beer, ciders, meads, wine or other spirits, Oregon Fruit Puree is the perfect choice to set your finished product apart from the competition. Oregon Fruit Puree gives you access to quality real fruit year-round for your fermented beverages.

Aseptic Fruit

Choose from an amazing selection of real fruit purees.

We solve the challenges in using real fruit! Our purees provide consistent year-round quality and availability. We make using real fruit easy with consistent color, aroma, and flavor to enhance fermentation. In addition to full fruit character, our aseptic packaging offers superior shelf stability and consistency.

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Our fruit purees have no added sugar or preservatives and are aseptically processed for shelf-stability and ease of use. Every batch is lab tested and sensory approved to ensure a high quality and consistent finished product.

Consistent Quality

Oregon Fruit Puree provides quality, variety, and convenience. Expect predictable results with each batch. Tested to meet safety standards and packaged aseptically.

Easy Ordering

Ordering our purees is easy. Simply browse our puree and choose the box, drum, or tote size you need. Create an account for easy checkout and ordering!

Shelf Stable Storage

Our aseptically packed fruit puree arrives ready to use. The real fruit color, aroma and flavor adds complexity to beer, cider, mead, wine, kombucha, and spirits. Because they’re shelf stable in ambient temperature, you save refrigeration space and save on shipping costs.

Migration Brewing

Migration Brewing

Portland, OR
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"Working with Oregon Fruit Products is awesome for creating new as well as returning crowd favorites at Migration Brewing! I find the consistent quality of their fruit purees, as well as the aroma and taste to be far superior to other fruit purees I've personally brewed with."
Zack Kaplan, Head Brewer
Foam Brewers

Foam Brewers

Burlington, VT
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"At FOAM Brewers we’re always trying to push the creative boundaries with our beer. One of the ways we do so, is by sourcing the best ingredients possible. It’s part of our mantra to support our local Vermont agriculture. Some of these local farms are burgeoning but small, because of this; we supplement with the highest quality ingredients we can find, out of state."
Bobby Grim, Head Brewer

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