At Oregon Fruit, we love to collaborate to help you make better fruit creations. If you have an idea or are looking for a fruit puree you don’t see, get in touch. Let’s discuss and we will do what we can to inspire!

Solution Provider

Oregon Fruit is proud to be a leading supplier of fruit for brewing. But it’s not just for brewing, Oregon Fruit Purees and Concentrates can be used to create other beverage solutions for distilling, fruit wine, kombucha, cider, mead and more!

Not Just for Brewing

Oregon Fruit Purees and Concentrates are not just for brewing. Our cider, mead, distilling and kombucha customers (like below) also rock the real fruit.

Seasonal Innovation

Oregon Fruit stays ahead of trends, seeking out new fruit to add to your seasonal calendar. Puree for seasonal favorites like rich cherry stouts in the winter, bright citrusy ales and lagers in summer, and hazy tropical IPAs can be sourced year-round. We have what you need to always keep your releases interesting and fresh!

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