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Advantages of Aseptic Purees

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More brewers choose Oregon Specialty Fruit™ purees than any other supplier because of our premium, specialty fruit and easy to use packaging. Our customers include everyone from home-based enthusiasts to multi-facility national brands. We work side-by-side with hundreds of brewmasters to blend the best real fruit purees with their craft beer, mead, and cider. What is the aseptic process? Aseptic products are flash heated at ultra-high temperatures for a very short time to minimize microbes in the fruit puree. The product is cooled quickly to maintain the best fresh fruit flavor and color. The entire process is closed, meaning that the package is filled and capped in a sealed environment, without letting any contamination enter the system.

Why choose Oregon Fruit Products for your beer, wine, or mead?

We hand select ripe fruit—remove seeds, pits and skins and create an aseptic, ready-to-use fruit puree and contributes the fullest impact of fruit in the brewing process.
  • Aseptic Product Safe for Brewing—Maintain control of your brewing process with aseptically packed purees. Confidently add Oregon Specialty Fruit in primary, secondary fermentation or conditioning. We flash heat our purees to minimize spoilage causing microbes and yeast then immediately cool the product to maintain fresh flavor and color. Laboratory testing is completed for each production batch.
  • Preservative Free—Allows for a clean label, satisfying today’s consumer. Our purees are 100% fruit with no preservatives, colors or flavors added... ever.
  • Shelf Stable/Ambient Storage—Store Oregon Specialty Fruit aseptic purees in your dry warehouse at ambient conditions– no need to use precious frozen or refrigerated storage. Beyond 6 months, we encourage refrigerated storage to preserve fruit color and flavor character.
  • Ready to Use with No Waiting—Aseptic puree is ready when your production demands without a need for thawing/slacking, allowing for flexibility in production planning and response time.
  • Dry Shipping Saves Money—Save by shipping with dry goods; no need for frozen transportation. Especially attractive for overseas shipments.