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Here are answers to common questions on Oregon Fruit Products’ aseptic fruit & berry purees.

We brew beer using fruit and berries as ingredients for our commercial brewery. How much puree should we use to brew with, to properly produce fruit beers?

Our customers typically use 1/2 to 2 pounds of puree per gallon of finished beer. So, for a 7 barrel system (230 gallons), you could use 115 lbs or all the way up to 460 lbs. Fruits with subtle flavors and esters such as Peach, Apricot, Gooseberry, and Red Tart Cherry usually require the higher 2 lbs per gallon dosing. Stronger flavors like Raspberry, Sweet Cherry, and Blackberry can give great results at lower levels (starting around 1/2 lb). It just depends on if you are looking for a strong fruit forward note, or some finish notes that develop slowly.

How do I calculate how much fruit puree to add if I have been using whole fruit?

Our puree is 100% fruit. We remove the seeds and pits from the fruit and aseptically pack the puree in 42 lb bag/box. The seeds make up 12% of the whole berry by weight and pits make up 20% of the fruit weight. If you use 100 lb of fruit, the equivalent amount of puree is 88 lb (100 lb less 12 lb of seeds equals 88 lb).

How much acidity or pH will the fruit contribute?

Our fruit and berry purees all have relatively low pH, which is natural for fruit grown in our region. With a small addition of fruit to your brew, you should not experience a great drop in pH in the finished product, but the acidic taste of some fruits will contribute a tartness to your product.

Will the fruit create a haze in my brew?

The natural occurring proteins in beer, extracted from malt and hops, can create a haze or reduce clarity of the beer. Each fruit contains differing levels of pectin, or proteins, that can also contribute to haze. Our aseptic heat treating process deactivates some of the pectins, but different products will have differing levels of pectin in the finished product.

What is your manufacturing process for single-strength aseptic puree?

We only use fruit picked at the peak of ripeness, flash heat the product, remove the seeds and skins, and then quickly cool before filling our aseptic bags. Then entire system is "sealed" allowing no contamination once the product reaches aseptic temperatures. We quickly cool the product to protect the freshest fruit flavors and color for your finished product. Each batch is tested with our standard microbial evaluation to ensure our specifications are met before shipping to our customers.

What are the key advantages to aseptic packaging?

  • Shelf stable – no freezer space or thawing/slacking required
  • Lower shipping costs with dry shipment vs. frozen
  • Consistent flavor batch to batch

How many gallons of puree are in each aseptic 42 lb. bag/box?

At a 10 Brix average, a box of puree will contain 4.8 gallons of puree.

At what volume of your fruit purees do you start processing discounts?

Lower pricing can be negotiated starting at 17,000 lbs. Interested in a quote? Contact us today for more information: [email protected]

Which carriers do you use to ship your purees?

We ship our fruit purees with FedEx Freight and Roadrunner. We have excellent relations with these freight providers, which translates to competitive freight rates that we pass on to our customers.

42 lb. aseptic boxes are too small. Do you offer larger package sizes?

We also pack our puree in 425lb drums and 2,300lb totes.

Do you sell canned puree to home brewers?

Yes, we do. Our exclusive agent for the home brewer market is Brewcraft USA. Contact them for prices and details on canned fruit and berry purees for home brewers.

How do I open the aseptic bag?

The plastic cap on the aseptic bag is easily opened with a cap opener. Otherwise we recommend a heavy pliers, or simply cut open the top of the bag to pour into your kettle, tank, barrel or other brewing vessel.

What if the aseptic bag is swollen?

If the box or bag is swelling, it is possible that there was some contamination if someone has opened the box and not stored it properly. The product is possibly spoiled, but because of the high acid level, it does not pose a health risk. We certainly do not recommend you add it to your brew as the flavor will be unacceptable. If you have newly received the box after shipping without opening it, please contact Oregon Fruit Products immediately.