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We have learned that part of the creativity for brewers is WHEN fruit and berry adjuncts are added to the brewing process, as well as how much. Fruit and berries can contribute to taste, acidity, and the fermentation of great beers and our purees will create complexity in ways that are constantly being discovered by our customers. Our customers add fruit in the kettle, during primary fermentation, post fermentation, and even when conditioning in barrels. For greater complexity, consider adding puree at multiple times in the process.


Remember when using aseptic fruit purees, there are no unwanted surprises from a properly sealed bag. You will have predictable results throughout the year with our fruit. We pick ripe fruit and maintain great taste and color in our puree that results in consistent batch to batch results for your product.


  • We brew beer using fruit and berries as ingredients for our commercial brewery. How much puree should we use to brew with, to properly produce fruit beers?
    Our customers typically use a 1/4 to 1/2 pound of puree per gallon of finished beer. For example if you brew light-colored beer and would like to make a red raspberry wheat beer, use a 1/2 pound per gallon to make a beautiful light-red color beer. To give any beer a nice background fruit flavor, use a lower quantity of fruit such as a 1/4 pound per gallon.

  • How do I calculate how much fruit puree to add if I have been using juice?
    Our puree is 100% fruit. We remove the seeds and pits from the puree and aseptically pack the puree in 42 lb. bag/box. The seeds make up 12% of the whole berry by weight and pits make up 20% of the fruit weight. If you use 100 lbs. of fruit, the equivalent amount of puree is 88 lbs. (100 lbs. less 12 lbs. of seeds equals 88 lbs.)

  • How much acidity or pH will the fruit contribute?
    Our fruit and berry purees all have relatively low pH, which is natural for fruit grown in our region. With a small addition of fruit to your brew, you should not experience a great drop in pH in the finished product, but the acidic taste of some fruits will contribute a tartness to your product. Consult our product data sheets (linked by browsing and clicking on each fruit puree image under “ORDER PUREE” tab.

  • Will the fruit create a haze in my brew?
    The natural occurring proteins in beer, extracted from malt and hops, can create a haze or reduce clarity of the beer. Each fruit contains differing levels of pectin, or proteins, that can also contribute to haze. Our aseptic heat treating process deactivates some of the pectins, but different products will have differing levels of pectin in the finished product.


How to Brew Fruit Beer

This article from the Beer Syndicate provides some input about creating enough flavor impact when brewing with fruit.