Close ties, then and now.

Family relationships keep us strong.

Our founder, Max Gehlar, and his family knew fruit. He also knew that relationships built on trust support fruit production. Shortly after he bought a little processing facility in Salem, his son Mark joined him. From the get-go, our family business relied on tight relationships with other families to get us through busy seasons. High school teachers, college students, teachers, and even local homemakers helped our family out. We helped them out too. We’re still helping each other.

Transparency and connection.

Being honest with our family farmers sets us apart in our industry.

We live, work, and raise our families here. Many of our family growers are still right up the road. Every year before harvest, they show us their ripe fruit crops in person. This transparency—this trust—between family growers and family processors makes us kind of special. Because our families have earned each other’s trust, you can trust us too.

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