We stand with local fruit growers, because we started as fruit growers ourselves.

We wouldn’t be Oregon Fruit if we didn’t insist on working with local farmers, buying local fruit whenever we can.

In 1935, in Oregon’s Eola Hills, the owner of a cherry and plum orchard became a fresh fruit canner. Ever since then, Oregon Fruit has stood right beside our fruit growers, buying local fruit whenever we can and dedicated to family farms. Today, we still work with the sons and daughters of those same farmers. Because this is our home.

Our business is family agriculture.

The business partners, employees, friends, and family members of Oregon Fruit still work this land—some for generations.

Farming isn’t easy, but it’s some of the most important work a person can do. Many of our partners, coworkers, family, and friends have been growing fruit—and working with us — for over 85 years. As much as we’ve helped them preserve and make the very most of their fruit, they’ve helped us grow. Our business is families helping families.

The Pacific Northwest is part of our identity.

Since we started, Oregon Fruit has been part of the Willamette Valley and beyond.

Our fertile soil, mild and varied climates, and unspoiled water make this land unique among the world’s agricultural regions. Just taste our delicious, healthy fruit—you’ll understand right away. This place is special.

Oregon Fruit means the best fruit.

Our reputation is founded on trust, pure flavor, and family-to-family relationships.

We’re more than delicious fruit. We hope people around the world recognize Oregon Fruit for what we stand for as much as what we produce: The healthiest-grown, fairly-harvested, safely-produced fruit and fruit purees you can buy, from our families to yours. Every day, we do our best to serve our partners, our past, our people.

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