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And has for over 85 years.

Since our beginning, we’ve known healthy fruit comes from a healthy earth. So we partner with farms that respect the land and understand the connection between good environmental stewardship and quality fruit. They know taking care of the land is the best and only way to sustain their business for future generations. 

  • Facility is certified by OU
  • Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth
  • Non-GMO project verified
  • GFSI certification through BRC
  • Kosher, where possible
  • BPA non-intent, where possible


Getting more out of every resource.

Sometimes advanced technology is the tool that helps us move towards our mission of caring for the land we love, sometimes it’s common sense: use it again.

  • Our fresh-picked fruit is brought to us in the same reusable crates that we’ve been washing and returning to farmers for over 10 years.
  • Most of the pallets we use during canning are the same ones we’ve been using since the 1960s—when they retire, they go to the pulp mill for recycling.
  • The cardboard divider sheets used to protect our cans have been reused for years, some for as many as 60 years. And when we do finally retire them, they are recycled.
Stacked treys of strawberries
empty cans moving along a track on the assembly line


Once is not enough.

We always look for ways to give resources a second life, right down to the 100% recyclable cans our delicious fruits are sold in.

  • The steel cans we use are completely recyclable
  • Supplies including corrugated cardboard, plastics, metal drums, pallets, and more are recycled where available
  • We sort all of our plastic bags and films we capture
  • Our fruits for restaurants and food service are filled in HDPE containers and labeled with a poly label to make them more recyclable.


Using less is a big deal to us.

We believe in the simple power of using less and creating less waste. It’s how we plan new operations and evolve existing ones to keep moving us in the right direction. 

  • Our warehouse lighting is entirely LED
  • Our new pasteurizer includes a cooling system that will reduce our water usage by over 50%
  • Our fruits are delivered in packaging that doesn’t require extensive refrigeration during transportation.
Employees Processing Puree

Packaging and Recycling

Oregon Fruit takes sustainability seriously. Much of our fresh fruit is received in reusable plastic crates, some have been in use for over 20 years. We’re still using some of the same pallets we used in the 1960s! Our cans can be completely recycled. We reuse as much as we can, and we reduce waste wherever possible.

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