Blueberry, Cucumber & Mint Ice Pops

Blueberry, Cucumber & Mint Ice Pops

Recipe and photo credit Melissa Slate



  1. Mix diced cucumber, lemon juice, water, sugar and mint leaves until sugar is dissolved. Pour into ice pop molds until they are about half full. Freeze for 25 minutes or until just set. If using wooden sticks, place them in now.
  2. Spoon one heaping Tablespoon of drained blueberries into the ice pop molds, covering with the simple syrup until the ice pop molds are almost full (you'll want to account for expansion in the freezer). If using ice pop molds with attached sticks/lids place them on now.
  3. Freeze for three to four hours, or until fully set. To unmold, dip them in warm water until they release from the molds. Eat, enjoy, repeat!


Six 4 oz. ice pops

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