Pink Peppercorn Rhubarb In Strawberry Sauce Margarita



  1. Drain Oregon Fruit Rhubarb in Strawberry Sauce can and preserve the liquid. Set the rhubarb pieces aside.
  2. Add peppercorns to liquid from can and let marinate.
  3. Muddle rhubarb pieces with strawberry sauce and agave or other sweetened in the bottom on a cocktail glass.
  4. Leaving the muddled mixture at the bottom, fill glass with ice.
  5. Add desired alcohol, lime juice and pink grapefruit juice
  6. Transfer to another glass. Run a sliced lime across the lip of the original cocktail glass, then dip in salt. Pour the cocktail back into the original glass.
  7. Garnish with pink peppercorns
  8. Repeat process to make more margaritas.
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