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Red Raspberries

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Ingredients: Red Raspberries, Water, Cane Sugar


Nothing says summer in Oregon like the arrival of the lively Red Raspberry with its distinct and celebrated flavor. Red Raspberries are a delicate fruit with rich sweetness that packs a punch when paired with dark chocolate or cheesecake. Versatile and lively, they are unmatched in savory sauces and a contemporary standard for flavorful lemonades.

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Growers' Information

Raspberries are native to Europe, North America, and Asia and have long been used as medicine and dye, as well as a food source by native cultures.
Red raspberries are grown all over the country, but commercial production is concentrated along the West Coast.
Raspberries grow in a wide variety of climates, with the exception of the deep South.They thrive in mild climates with warm, dry summers and mild winters.
Oregon raspberries are harvested between mid June and late July.