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Royal Anne Cherries

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Ingredients: Royal Anne Cherries, Water, Cane Sugar


Our Royal Anne Cherries are grown in the scenic Columbia River basin, a bountiful Pacific Northwest region. They are the perfect cherry - very sweet with a lovely golden and red blush color. Enjoy their fleshy bite and full flavor in pies, salads, or grilling sauces, but honestly we eat them right off the spoon.

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Growers' Information

Royal Anne cherries, or Queen Anne cherries, are similar in nature to Rainer cherries. Used to make maraschino cherries, these delicious and beautiful light sweet cherries are great for baking or eating out of your hand.
The main growing areas in North America include the valleys of Washington, Oregon and British Columbia and in the East, around the Great Lakes.
Sweet cherries require a long chilling period in the winter, thus are not suited to warm winter areas. They are also intolerant of deep freezes or intense heat; late frosts or heavy rain can damage the fruit set.
Royal Anne cherries are harvested in mid Summer.