Leading with transparency

Creating a safer food supply chain.

Being honest and transparent about the food we produce is essential to our customers. Finding new, industry-leading ways to serve our customers is essential to us at Oregon Fruit. Our commitment to transparency and innovation is why we are a founding member of the Oregon Transparency Initiative, a trailblazing effort that we hope will help our customers, our growers, and our state by making the food supply chain safer and smarter.

First in fruit

A history of staying ahead of the curve

We’re a proud heritage company with our eyes fixed on the future. Innovation is important to us because it means we can bring the best fruit and fruit products to our customers, first.

  • Anticipating brewers’ need for high-quality fruit to craft their delicious beers, we created an unmatched collection of 100% fruit purees designed for fermentation.
  • With sustainability in mind, we installed a new pasteurizer with a cooling system that will reduce our water usage by over 50%.
  • We’re the first fruit producer in our state to sign on to the Oregon Transparency Initiative, which harnesses blockchain technology to solve industry challenges and empower consumers with in-depth information about where their food comes from.

Transparency is good for you

Better-quality food, from farm to fork.

We all benefit from easy, expanded access to in-depth information about food — from grower to distributor, wholesaler to restaurant owner to retail shopper.

  • Consumers can have more confidence that their berries or beef are safe to eat. Transparency will offer shoppers more peace of mind, via smartphone apps being developed now.
  • Retailers can keep food fresher. Transparency enables them to better manage the transport and stocking of perishable fruits and vegetables.
  • Wholesalers can reduce waste. In a recall, transparency allows for identifying and discarding only affected products, instead of entire inventories.
  • Food producers are held accountable. Transparency requires that they prove their promises, like “locally grown” and “sustainably-raised.”
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We’re honored to join other iconic Oregon brands including Tillamook and Country Natural Beef as founding members of the Oregon Transparency Initiative (OTI). This coalition of businesses, universities and government aims to establish Oregon’s supply chains as the most transparent in the world. While we don’t know if this will be the ultimate solution, we are invested in trying.

  • Our growers and every part of our supply chain work hard to ensure our fruit is safe, fresh and delicious.
  • As part of OTI, we pledge to drive all of our supplier networks to share more information in usable ways, so customers can easily learn how and where our products are sourced and made.
  • We’re eager to show customers exactly how we earn their trust at each step of the farm-to-fork journey and to help OTI make Oregon a world leader in transparent supply chains.

Food you can trust

How blockchain may solve industry challenges.

The key to a transparent, traceable supply chain is blockchain technology. Blockchain is the basis for bitcoin, the cryptocurrency, but it has many other applications. Take the food industry, where we are working to try it out.  

  • A blockchain is a digital ledger of transactions. It can record and track anything of value — like freshly-picked fruit — across a network of participants. For example: a cherry orchard owner, a trucking company, a fruit processor, and a grocery chain.
  • Blockchain helps the agriculture industry solve challenges around food tracking, food quality and safety, and waste.
  • As a result, consumers get fresher, safer food and better information to help them make buying decisions.
  • The Oregon Transparency Initiative grew out of the Oregon Enterprise Blockchain Venture Studio, which is helping Oregonians realize blockchain’s full potential.
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